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Splash is Liquid Dragon's proprietary game engine. Splash is a powerful, extensible, fully data-driven game engine that features all the newest graphics technology used today in the industry combined with other unique proprietary techniques.

Splash also features the first ever real-time full fluid dynamics engine. Our unique fluid physics solver combined with advanced programmable shaders technology allow us to create some of the most realistic and interactive environments ever seen in computer games.

Engine Features:

  • Dual-band Tillable FFT based waves.
  • Choppy waves displacement.
  • Procedural foam and spray generation.
  • Procedural normal map generation for wavelets.
  • Quad-tree based procedural ocean mesh tessellation.
  • Procedural wake and ripples are generated by physics objects moving in the water.
  • Full library of programmable shaders. All shader properties can be edited at run time and the effects visible immediately.
  • Hardware skinning, transform & lighting.
  • Per vertex and per pixel lighting.
  • Directional, point, ambient and emissive lights.
  • Per pixel specular, gloss and emissive maps.
  • Object and Tangent space Normal Mapping.
  • Fresnel based reflections and refractions.
  • GPU based particle systems.
  • Depth buffer shadow maps.
  • Sub-surface scattering.
  • Anisotropic Specularity.
  • Animated textures.
  • Animation trees with arbitrary blending. Any number of animations can blend simultaneously on the same character.
  • Sub-body animation blending.
  • Animation events editing tools.
  • Sound streaming. Supports wav files, 16 bit PCM and Ogg Vorbis.
  • Mono, Stereo and 3D positional sound.
  • Randomized pitch shifting.
  • Video Streaming. Videos can be streamed to a texture and then used by the engine to display in a GUI or on a mesh.
  • Hierarchical GUI system.
  • Platform specific text strings. The engines pick the proper string at run time based on the current platform.
  • Auto wide-screen resizing and positioning.
  • All GUI components can be edited and positioned on the fly at run time.
  • Fluid physics. Splash hosts the only real-time fluid dynamics simulation engine in the industry
  • Rigid Body physics. Splash integrates both the Bullet and Havok physics library and comes with a complete suite of tools to set up and edit physics scenes.
Splash boasts of a full suite of editing tools for level creation. Our tools enable the user to edit content as the game is running and see the changes in-engine on the fly. All parameters of the game can be edited in this way in real-time. This feature drastically speeds up the level editing process and allows developers to get instant feedback when tweaking gameplay thus saving valuable time for programmers, designers and artists alike.
  • Full suite of editing tools for level creation.
  • Real time level content editing.
  • All objects and behaviors can be edited in game: Meshes, animations, textures, shaders, physical properties.
  • Powerful link editor allows designers to link any parameters of two objects together in a variety of ways.
  • This gives the tools unprecedented flexibility and empowers designers to create complex effects and behaviors without requiring any additional programming work.